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 Top commanders would describe the type of girl they wanted, including age, physical appearance, and intelligence. If recent abductees matched these desired characteristics then, they were collected and distributed to the commanders. It was an order to then go to those men and become their wives, and resistance was punishable by rape, severe beating, torture or even death. 

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 The evidence shows that Dominic Ongwen was a murderer and a rapist. It shows that he commanded attacks which destroyed innocent civilians’ livelihoods.  He presided over a systematic use of child soldiers and sex crimes on young girls in the units he commanded. 

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When, at the Rome conference, the US delegation, under pressure from Congress, launched a blistering attack against the independence of the Prosecutor, it produced a stunned silence among us. Not a sound was heard in the red room at the FAO headquarters, and it lasted a long time. Who was going to respond, and how? We looked at Norway, and they were staring down at their papers, scarcely moving. We turned anxiously to The Netherlands, and they were just staring at Norway! Finally, a flag went up, and we all swiveled in the direction of the delegate from Malawi, who calmly, elegantly and deftly sketched out lines of legal reasoning powerful enough to save the moment, to our delight and relief. 

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